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Access to credit is access to opportunity

Traditionally credit assessment has only taken into account a limited amount of data. This excludes many people, forcing some people to utilise costly and even unsafe methods for borrowing funds.

Begini was founded on the idea of broadening credit access by enabling people to be assessed, not just on a few points of data from their financial past, but on their character. We use advanced data science to assess personality traits associated with an individual’s willingness to repay. Character has been shown to be a resilient and reliable indicator of someone’s likelihood to default.

We believe in giving credit where it’s due. Our assessments can collect or create data, which informs our models, producing insights which are used to give safe credit to more people.

Our team believes there is a fairer way to give access to credit, we are looking for organisations and individuals who share our mission.

That’s why we have created Begini

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