Webinar: Tuesday 16 April
1pm UTC

Credit where it's due

Credit inclusion through modern alternative data. 

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Ed Cable

CEO, Mifos

David Higgins

Director of Programs, Mifos

James Hume

CEO, Begini

James Florence

CTO, Begini

Access to fair financial services means access to opportunity. However, legacy financial services are not meeting the needs of individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe, leaving millions underserved and financial businesses missing out on a significant market. 

With a focus on using modern technology to drive financial inclusion, Begini and Mifos are both leaders in their respective fields.  

Begini offers modern alternative data insights to drive access to credit. Behavioural data analytics is the only universal credit score. Begini’s behavioural data analytics solution can be used for credit risk insight, marketing and fraud decisioning, using zero personal data. This first-party, privacy consented data allows you to understand your users better, by creating purpose-built insights within the application process with the customer.  

Mifos has pioneered open-source core banking which is being used today by financial businesses around the globe, with a vision to democratize financial services.  

Begini and Mifos offer a complementary approach which enables financial businesses to consolidate their open-source core platform with accessible technologies that are valuable to their businesses and meaningful to their end-users.  

By utilising cost effective open-source core banking from Mifos, this enables organisations to  to invest in additional solutions such as the Begini approach to alternative data for credit scoring, to help their customers and increase financial inclusion.