Psychometric Character Assessments

At Begini, we create first-party data through simple yet thorough assessments that are targeted to character traits which are associated with creditworthiness.​

more approvals

Assess people you normally could not reach, increasing your market.


Reduce time and increase efficiency in the credit application process

better performing risk

Gain greater insight into the likelihood of default to control NPL.

portfolio management

Enhance portfolio management through better data to support policy and performance.

Personality as a predictor of risk

A psychometric assessment is a way to understand character and behaviour. 

The assessment can be used to build insights, or a score, by looking at traits which have been shown to predict an individual’s willingness to repay.

Our assessment captures more multiple personality traits. The most relevant are locus of control, fluid intelligence, impulsiveness, confidence, delayed gratification and conscientiousness. These traits let us identify applicants who are likely to repay their loans.

Not only are these insights predictive of risk, they have been shown to be very stable. While an individual’s financial situation might change, their personalities tend to remain stable. 
Character insights have very low correlation with traditional credit have little correlation to traditional credit scores, so they can be used in combination to provide greater predictability to existing scores and a more profitable portfolio. 

Our assessments

The assessment takes less than 10 mins to complete and includes a series of short, interactive modules from which we can extract thousands of data points.


All our exercises are designed to gamify the assessment process to ensure engaged applicants and higher completion.

White-label app (iOS, Android, browser)

Accessible from any device, on or offline with the ability to customise the branding as required.

Inclusive assessments

Our exercises have been designed to be as applicable as possible to any cultural backgrounds and we can work with our customers on bespoke tests if required.

Our exercises cater to low-literacy populations​, they are pictographic and use the number of least words possible.

Want to know more?

If you have a question about the potential of alternative data, or you'd like to see our platform in action, drop us a line?