Device Data

Approve more people with less risk using Digital Data

The mobile phone is the most ubiquitous technology on the planet.

It provides valuable insights that can be used to predict risk. ​

Our solution collects privacy-consented metadata from the end users device (iOS or Android). We have built a low-friction user experience which can be completed in under a minute and results returned in seconds.

Your phone is a proxy for your personality

Begini can work work with an extensive variety of data sources from Android and iOS device. 

The solution only collects privacy-consented data and is fully compliant with GDPR and local data privacy laws.


We offer our own SDK which can be embedded on an existing app or through a white-label app to collect the data stored on Android or iOS devices, after the user gives permissions.

Our easy-to-use, self service platform is built to enable lending teams to take control of their alternative credit score process.

Our SDK is regularly updated to ensure compliance with the latest requirements It provides consent screens to show end-users all required information.

Device Data collection screenshot

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