Customer Segmentation & Marketing

Every customer is different. Behavioral insights for top-of-the-funnel customer curation and optimization can drive meaningful engagement and better outcomes for you and your customers.​

Modern customer lifecycle tools to improve marketing outcomes & efficiencies

Improve ROI

Lower CAC

Segment customers for better outcomes

Loyalty and engagement

By employing modern behavioural analytics techniques, you can gain deeper insights into individual customers, allowing for tailored strategies and tactics that cater to their specific requirements. 

This personalized approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also drives profitability.

Use our character insights to enrich your customer persona segmentation, building profiles of customers for a better understanding of your target customers, their intent and decision-making. 


Shortcut your application and assessment processes, by curate your customers at the top of the funnel to predict the probability of an end user to take up an offer or likelihood of being approved for a loan.

Approval Insights

Lenders invest crucial time and resources processing applications, use our approval insights to get a fast, top-of-the-funnel insight into whether the applicant is likely to be approved. Save time and resources.​

Intent to buy or apply

Use behavioural analytics to predict the likelihood of a customer to buy, accepting or apply for a product or service. ​

Campaign Optimisation

Increase the success of your campaigns by understanding your customers and what matters to them. ​

Cross-sell insights

Which of your existing customers would see value in other services that you offer.​

Churn insights

Predict which customer are likely to churn and proactively re-engage them with targeted offers and communication. ​

Customer Personas

Build customer personas which can support more targeted messaging and offers.​

Want to know more?

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