Solutions overview

If you have better data

You make better decisions

Understand your customer

Character insights

Character-based scoring leverages behavioural and digital data to better understand people and enable better decisions.

This data can be turned into valuable insights allowing lenders to not only ‘see’ more people but to understand their customers better, providing the foundations to offer better financial outcomes for everyone involved.

Traditional scores focus on an individual’s ability to repay.

Alternative data credit scores focus on an individual’s willingness to repay.

Graph displaying example character traits

Behavioural Analytics for the entire customer lifecycle

Credit Risk Scores & Insights

The missing piece of modern lending data.

Fraud Ratings & Insights

Add another layer to your anti-fraud defense.

Customer Segmentation & Marketing

Modern customer lifecycle tools to improve engagement, curation, marketing outcomes and efficiencies.

Privacy first

Zero personal data

We will never ask for any type of personally identifiable information. Our assessments are opt-in, privacy consented and anonymised. Our solutions are GDPR+ compliant.

Alternative data via behavioural assessment is a way to boost your credit insights, say ‘yes’ to more people without increasing your data privacy risks.

more approvals

Assess people you normally could not reach, increasing your market.

better performing risk

Gain greater insight into the likelihood of default to control NPL.

portfolio management

Enhance portfolio management through better data to support policy and performance.

First-party character data

Data sources

Future-proof your credit assessments with first-party data created within the application process. 

Through psychometric assessments or device data collection, we can create privacy-consented data with the inherent purpose of showing willingness to repay

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometrics is a field of study in psychology that uses objective testing to measure psychological traits.

At Begini, we can create first-party character data through simple yet thorough gamified assessments that are targeted to character traits which are associated with credit worthiness.

Device Data collection

The phone is the most ubiquitous technology on the planet. It can provide valuable insights that can be used to predict risk. Our solution collects privacy-consented metadata from the end users device (iOS or Android). We have built a low-friction user experience which can be completed in under a minute and results returned in seconds.

Want to know more?

If you have a question about the potential of alternative data, or you'd like to see our platform in action, drop us a line?