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7 takeaways on Behavioural Economics, Psychometrics and Nudging

Psychology and behavioural sciences can help us understand the role our character and personality play in our decision-making processes, especially the choices that impact our financial lives. Understanding the importance of character has been shown to lead to better outcomes in the field of credit and collection for both consumers and financial services providers.

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the 3 c's of credit

The 3 C’s of Credit

The three C’s are Character, Capacity and Collateral, and today they remain a widely accepted framework for evaluating creditworthiness, used globally by banks, credit unions and lenders of all types.

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Fair credit, from A to Gen Z

This article explores the unique personality characteristics of Generation Z, also known as iGen or Centennials. From their tech-savvy nature to their social inclusivity and purpose-driven mindset, discover what sets this young adult demographic apart from their predecessors.

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