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We offer behavioural data analytics for credit risk insight and decisioning, using zero personal data. 

Simple, smart, SaaS technology for Banks, Digital Lenders, Neo & Challenger Banks, BNPL and Asset Financing.

Personality can predict risk

All data is credit data

We provide financial businesses a different way to assess creditworthiness  – by understanding personality & behaviour.

Through behavioural analytics, we can assess anyone, without using any personal data. 

We are making credit assessment fairer, more accessible and more predictive by bringing alternative data into the mainstream. 

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People are diverse, and credit assessment should consider a diversity of data. 

We look at non-traditional and non-personal behavioural data like smart-phone data and psychometric assessment. We use data science models to provide insight around the consumer’s personality, behaviour, community, skills and experience.

Information which is highly predictive of creditworthiness and willingness to repay.

Alternative data sources

Universal credit assessment tools

Device Data

Anyone who is online or carries a cell phone has a digital footprint which they can use.


The digital era has spawned entirely new forms of understanding people’s behavior


Not sure where to start with alternative data for credit? We can help.


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Proud to be setting the standard in alternative data credit insights.

Top 100 Company - 2021
Finalist - Most Sustainable Start up 2022

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