Regional Focus: Credit inclusion in Africa

Africa is one of the most diverse continents in the world. Home to more than a billion people and making up the largest free trade area on the planet. The continent is rich in natural and human resources and has the potential to build on these to drive inclusive growth. The diversity of the continent […]

Regional Focus: Credit inclusion in Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean is a region of diversity and contrast. While it is home to hubs of innovation and technology, challenges to financial inclusion persist. Access to financial services varies widely between regions and segments of society. It is reported that 45% of the adult population do not hold a bank account and […]

What is a thin-file customer?

The financial systems, and the world of credit, have long been ruled by processes that entrench inequality. Financial inclusion is stifled by the fact that lenders rely on outdated systems such as credit files and bureau credit ratings and scores. These processes may serve those with a thick-file well, but this leads to the exclusion […]

Putting the S in ESG 

Access to credit is access to opportunity. For too long there has been a lack of access to both for millions of people. The traditional bureau credit score is based on limited data. The system advantages certain people, in turn discriminates against many others. The credit playing field is far from level today. It entrenches […]

Global Open Finance Challenge

The future of finance is open Begini has been accepted to take part in the Global Open Finance Challenge. This initiative is being driven by four of the world’s leading banks – NAB, Banco Itaú, NatWest Group, and CIBC – and we are looking forward to engaging with their innovation teams in the coming weeks. […]